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"I just had an awesome idea for an app!"

Have you got an awesome idea for an app but don't know what to do next?

Thunk it, Share it, Build it!

We had a great idea too...what if we could help turn YOUR awesome ideas in to reality? So, we sat in a room and brainstormed up an amazing way to make it happen...What if we shared your awesome ideas with a bunch of cool developers around the world and if they like it, they build it. Once it starts selling on the App Store, we then share the profits.
It's so simple!

Quick And Easy

It only takes a minute to submit your awesome idea and then we do the rest! No need to become a nerd and learn code or become a slick designer, just type in a few words and we send your awesome idea to a bunch of amazing developers that can make it happen. Simple!

The Geniuses

Our amazing developer partners around the world make some pretty cool apps, so they know how to turn your awesome ideas into a killer app and their slick designs make them easy to use and look great.

Share The Love

We have different pricing options to suit your needs. You can choose to save some money up front by sharing the profits with the developer and us or you can choose to sell your idea to a developer so you make some money upfront or you can pay to have a developer build it all for you!

"Soooo How Does It Work?"

Submit you're idea and we take care of the rest...Simple!

Step 1 - Think Of An Awesome Idea

Download the Thunk app from the App store and submit your awesome idea. Choose if you want to share the profits, sell your awesome idea or have a developer build it for you and then we take care of the rest!

Step 2 - Developers Build Your Awesome Idea

Once you submit your awesome idea, we share it with our amazing creative partners around the world. If they love it as much as we do, they start building it.

Step 3 - Customers Buy Your Awesome Idea

Once our amazing creative partner has finished bringing your awesome idea to life, it then goes on sale in the App Store for everyone to buy!

Step 4 - Share The Profits From Your Awesome Idea

Once the app starts selling to customers around the world, the profits are then divided up depending on which profit model you choose.


"Soooo How Much Does It Cost?"

Submit your awesome app idea with us and within minutes it could be on it's way to being developed by our amazing creative partners from around the world!

Download The Thunk App

Download the Thunk app for FREE!
Then simply provide some details including your name and paypal email address and then you're ready to submit your ideas.
It's So Simple!

Submit Your Awesome Ideas

Submitting your ideas is so simple! Tell us all about your idea, choose the profit model and you're done! Prices range from $20 to $99 depending on the profit model you choose.
We Do The Rest!

Share The Love

Choose if you want to share the profits and save some money upfront or have a cool developer build it all just for you or you can sell your idea entirely. Then just sit back and
Start Making Money!

Pricing Options

Check out our pricing options below and pick the one that you love the most when you submit your idea.

Sell Your Idea
  • Choose How Much You Want To Sell Your Idea For
  • Receive Your Money Upfront If A Developer Buys It
  • Developer Owns It and All Profits Go To Them
  • $99 Admin Fee To Submit Your Idea
Buy The App
  • You Own It And All Profits Go To You
  • Choose How Much You Want To Pay To Build It
  • We Run An Auction To Find The Cheapest Price
  • $99 Admin Fee To Submit Your Idea

"Soooo What's Everyone Else Saying?"

Wow, that's a brilliant idea!

Paul Dexter Customer

Finally I can get my app idea built!

Joanna Senna Customer

I love this!

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